Running with heart rate monitor sports watchWho doesn’t want to spend less time working out and get faster results? We live in a society that wants to have it all now and in little or no time. Interval training is a great way to do this. While any sort of cardio is beneficial, interval training is actually more efficient and provides better results overall.

Even with the amount of information out there, many still believe that doing cardio for an extended period of time is the best approach. Examples of this type of exercise includes walking, jogging, or aerobics.

The American Heart Association and other health organizations have estimated target heart rates for each age group. For instance, a 40 year old man who reaches his target heart rate zone (50-85%) will have in the range of 93-153 beats per minute. Should he get here during his workout, then he is exercising at a pretty good intensity. The maximum heart rate for this age is 180, and this is the level that burns the most calories.

Interval training requires little time to be effective. You could get an excellent workout in 30 minutes or less. The main idea behind interval training is to get your heart rate in the target zone, then follow it with a short recovery involving low intensity exercise. Your target zone really depends on your age. Getting a good heart rate monitor is a smart investment to help you know when your body is in that target zone.

A high intensity interval workout involves mixing in some blocks of cardio in with strength and core training. This will jump start the body’s metabolism, which will result in calories being burned rather quickly. Interval training can be quite exhausting, so be sure that you are prepared when you go into a workout. Those who are just starting off may find it difficult to finish.

When you exercise plays a role in how much impact your training will have. Some experts say that exercising in the morning before you eat a meal. They also say that carbohydrates should be avoided, since they increase insulin resistance. Carbohydrates can also inhibit the fat burning process.

Finally, be sure to rest once you have completed your workout. Avoid high intensity activity until the following day so your muscles can recoup. If you have a balanced diet and stay with interval training consistently, then you will get results in no time.

Integrating traditional cardio workouts with interval training is great. The traditional days gives your body a rest from the intense days and allows your body to always be thrown for a loop. Doing the same thing over and over, doesn’t allow your body to benefit from “shock” of a new workout. So changing it up is good for your results.