Chandler Chiropractic offers a host of services that help alleviate pain and other ailments including headache, numbness, tingling, bed wetting, ear infections, constipation, sports injuries, auto accident injuries and more.

Chandler Chiropractic offers accident and family chiropractic care for children and adults as well as pain relief, weight loss, weight management, physical therapy, sports injury therapy and massage therapy. Chiropractic care is vital for people of all ages.



  • Computer-Generated Nerve Analysis
  • Diversity Technique
  • Activator
  • Drop Table
Nutrition & Fitness

Nutrition & Fitness

  • Weight loss and Weight Management Consultations
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Weight Loss Plans
  • Fitness Plans for Home and Gym
  • Genetic Fit Testing
Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

  • Stretching & Strengthening
  • Balance & Posture
  • Gait Analysis
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation
  • Ice Therapy
  • Orthodics


  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point
  • Swedish