If you feel bloated all the time, suffer from heartburn, acid re-flux or chronic constipation, you may need to jump start your digestive system. When food moves too slowly through your digestive system, fermentation and putrefaction can occur. This can cause unwanted and harmful bacteria to grow, which can cause inflammation in the intestines. This chronic inflammation contributes to more sluggish digestion and can lead to fatigue and even depression. This is due to the getting through the intestinal barrier and into the blood stream, and even cross the blood-brain barrier. Here are some important steps to take to help tone your digestive system:

-Increase your fiber intake
-Eat more raw fruits and vegetables
-Modify your protein intake by consuming less animal protein
-Take supplements such as digestive enzymes and fiber, if needed

Last, but not least, digestion requires a healthy nervous system so getting regular chiropractic adjustments can help to ease the symptoms of improper digestion!