While many have moved to work from home platforms, we want to support your spines and ensure you are in the healthiest position with your computers, tablets and phones!


Sit at your desk on a comfortable and adjustable chair with back rest to maintain lumbar curvature and use an ergonomic keyboard. Do not slouch. Your desk should be set up so that the monitor is at or just below eye level. The elbows, hips and knees bent 90-110 degrees. Adjustments can be made for monitor height, keyboard height, seat height, desk height and/or foot rest height in order to achieve proper alignment. Electronic desk is preferred if available to be able to adjust the height of the desk with buttons.



While using your electronic devices such as a tablet or smart phone, do not slouch and do not allow your head to protrude forward. Hold the electronic device up so that you can see it better and maintain good posture at your back and neck.

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