Stress is at an all time high right now with the current situation. Read about some practical, quick easy ways to reduce stress now.

      1. Move – You don’t have to kill yourself in a workout, but doing 10 minutes of stretching, yoga, going for a casual walk can immediately reduce stress. Not to mention getting outside boosts our immune system.
  1. Breathe – Whether its 60 seconds of deep breathing or a 10-minute meditation, focusing on the breath and increasing oxygen throughout the day can immediately relax and reduce stress in the body.
  2. Sleep – Our body replenishes while we sleep creating anti-oxidative molecules allowing our body to repair. Turn the TV off 30 minutes sooner or climb into bed 45 minutes sooner than usual to get a little extra Zs.
  3. Water – Being dehydrated can cause us to feel more fatigued and increase brain fog, which can increase stress in our body. Make sure to drink half your weight in ounces of water daily.
  4. De-clutter – Choose a room or a space in your home to reorganize, clean out and rearrange to create greater calm. No need to clean out the whole house, but a space to go to that is refreshing, relaxing and free of clutter is helpful.

We have supplements that support anxiety and increased stress, including adrenal support and CALM supplements, with and without CDB oil. Want more information? Email us or talk to us when you come in.