back adjustmentThis is a very common myth concerning chiropractic. The question “will my body become dependent on chiropractic care?” is a common one. There is absolutely nothing about chiropractic care that makes your body dependent. People become advocates of regular care, because feeling good is something people want to feel all the time, not just sometimes.

Once people start feeling great they tend to want to stay feeling great. Chiropractic care helps your body to function at a much higher level, which feels fantastic. Chiropractic care is similar to exercise but without all the sweating. If you consistently work out, the benefit is you become physically fit, which feels much better that being unfit and out of shape.

Most people who are in great shape continue to work out because they like the feeling of being in shape. What happens if they stop exercising? They continue to feel good for a time but all too quickly lose their conditioning and lose the benefits of feeling great. Exercise and chiropractic are very similar. Your body doesn’t become dependent on exercise, but does allow it to function at an optimal level. Chiropractic care is very similar.