Senior Couple Exercising In ParkFeel overwhelmed on where to start? Then don’t do anything because we are overwhelmed and just decide we will figure it out tomorrow.

Well here are some quick, easy tips you can implement today that over time will see huge benefits in your body.

  1. Commit to Food Journaling – I know, it can be such a pain, but whether you use an awesome app like myfitness pal or do the old fashioned paper journal, holding ourselves accountable makes a world of difference.
  2. Set a Goal and Write it Down – Goals are 72% more likely to happen when they are written down. So whatever that goal is be specific and have a deadline attached. Maybe attach the deadline with a big event or something to further motivate.
  3. 30-Minutes of Moving – Get your butt in gear. We sit way too much. Whether you break it up throughout the day or jam out thirty minutes in one sweat session, get moving. Your heart and wasteline will thank you. Set an appointment in your phone to help you remember.
  4. Dump the Excuses – we all say we will make time tomorrow, get to it once this last project is done or whatever. Commit to making changes now.
  5. Cut Processed Junk – Yea, the panty…almost avoid it. Stick with whole foods. What is a whole food? Something that grows mold and actually goes bad. Wheat thins are not a whole food. You will end up eating way less overall calories and your gut will get some relief. Focus on getting rid of gluten, soy, yeast, dairy, sugar if possible. Or cut out one and see how it goes. Plus you will have more energy. I promise.

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