running-shoes-300The average American takes less than 3,000 steps daily. I thought…woah, I am not the average American. So I put on a pedometer and started tracking my steps thinking, I definitely take close to 10,000 a day. Come to find out I was just above average at about 3,500 a day. I about fell over. The point is, sometimes we think we are doing more than we really are. Desk jobs these days are getting the best of us. And we really aren’t walking as much as we should be.

How many steps do you get in daily? I would definitely recommend getting a pedometer and finding out. If you aren’t getting enough, it is time to up the anty as they say and get moving.

Getting 10,000 steps a day will also help your body get stronger holding your chiropractic adjustments longer and getting you better, faster results from your chiropractic care.

Tips for increasing steps:

  • If you have a dog, walk it twice a day. Or if you don’t have a dog, get one. They won’t let you skip the walk for sure.
  • Take the stairs at work instead of elevator.
  • Take a break, go outside and walk around.
  • Hit the gym for 30 minutes.
  • Invest in a treadmill and walk while you watch TV.

If I don’t walk our dog twice a day, it is almost impossible to get those steps in.